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What is ICSA?

ICSA is an acronym of Institute for Civil Service Aspirants which aims at providing academic guidance to candidates wishing to take the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). ICSA helps aspirants at all stages of the examination. ... More Details

  •  ICSA is by far the most successful IAS etc. coaching institute of West Bengal with an enviable track record
  •  Over the years Dr. Pal Chaudhuri has had the privilege of having 11 IAS, 2 IFS, 15 IPS and about 37 other of his students succeed in various Group A services
  •  The institute is the only place in Kolkata which provides full time high quality academic guidance to candidates appearing at IAS etc. examination
  •  Most optional subjects, all aspects of General Studies, CSAT, English Essay & required Indian languages are offered
  •  Candidates are exposed to intensive lectures and tutorials by experienced eminent professors attached to some of the most prestigious institutions of Kolkata
...More Details

  •  ICSA arranges result oriented classroom coaching
  •  ICSA provides postal coaching to those who are unable to attend classes. Students are given course materials and periodic tests simulating the UPSC pattern
  •  ICSA admits students who are interested in taking the tests only
  •  ICSA accepts students who had taken Mains examination and expect to get call for interview

  •  Counselling by the Director for next session's students going on.

  •  Aspirants who are taking the Mains this year are advised to contact immediately after therir exam for interview training.

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I joined ICSA in 2006, at the beginning of my preparations for the 2007 UPSC exams. The coaching constituted of university professors from various subjects. My practice sessions with Prof. Samantak Das were invaluable for my preparations for my English literature optional.

Dr. Pal Chaudhuri's sessions and handouts on GS and Current affairs till the interview stage were very very useful. The most important sessions were the mock interview practice that we were given that stood me in good stead for the actual interview.

Currently Deputy Secretary, MEA Branch Secretariat, Kolkata

I approached Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal Chaudhuri, who was then heading BACA during my preparations for the Civil services main examination in late August, in 2005. The best part was that the association was almost tailor made for my requirements. The practice sessions in the mock tests and mock interviews helped me crack the exam twice.

Currently SP, Kalimpong

In the year 2008, I had already written the UPSC Mains Examinations twice but failed to qualify for the interview each time. I could not understand what was going wrong, specially as I had completed Masters' degree course in one of the subjects. The marks were quite low in all subjects and I had all but given up when a friend took me to ICSA.

I was working at the time and leaving home and Calcutta was not an option. Neither did I feel like staying in the coaching hubs in Delhi, which were crowded and very expensive as far as I could learn. ICSA being in Calcutta was a God send for me.

I always felt I could make some meaningful contribution to society if I was selected for the civil services. What stood in between was an examination that I could not figure out how to get through.

Dr. Pal Chaudhuri was full of positive energy and optimism and encouraged me to continue. He gave examples of other students who had tried multiple times and finally succeeded. The methodical approach, the presentation of answers, sticking to time limits were things ICSA drilled into us so that we could express our knowledge and opinions logically and simply. Senior faculty members from specialised subjects guided us. The mock interviews were very useful as experienced persons from diverse fields were there to test us.

On a personal level, Dr. Pal Chaudhuri and other members of the faculty and staff always went out of their way to encourage me when my morale was low [which was quite often]. ICSA also provided a vibrant community of aspirants with similar goals which is rare in this State. I shall always be grateful to the faculty and staff of ICSA for their constant support and encouragement.

Currently District Magistrate, Darjeeling

I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal Chaudhuri and ICSA for their guidance and support in my journey. The institute has dedicated teachers who cultivate wholesome learning by strengthening the fundamental knowledge and integrating it with current affairs. This enables one to deal well with a difficult prelims paper or an out-of-the-box interview with equal ease. The mock interview panel is undoubtedly the best in Eastern India.

MINI CHOWDHARY, IRS, Customs & Excise
Currently Assistant Commissioner

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